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Meet Our Qualified Trader Program

As you become a more experienced and proficient trader, you may apply to reclassify your account as a Qualified Trader with a leverage 1:200, so that your freedom of operation is in line with your experience, knowledge, and abilities.

Reclassifying your account is a simple procedure, in which you must demonstrate at least one of the following criteria:

  • That your financial portfolio as of the 1st of the month is more than $102,000 (10 000 basic units which is 27 rubles as on the day of this information provided)
  • You have traded more than 10 transactions in each last four quarters with turnover of more than $102,000.

Note: All data is calculated without leverage

It is important to note that the above requirements must be official from the broker.

How to Qualify

Portfolio Size

As part of your reclassification process, you will need to prove that the size of your portfolio is valued at 102,000 US Dollars or more. If your portfolio is diverse and spreads among several brokerages, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation on your portfolio size.


Trade Volume and Size

The threshold for achieving professional status is having carried out 10 transactions of a relevant product with turnover of more than 102,000 US Dollars over the last four quarters in each quarter. Trades completed with other brokers are valid and count towards qualified status if appropriate documentation is provided.


Supporting documentation on client`s portfolio size.

Reports on completed Transactions for the last 4 quarters, formed in the Forex terminal, with the help of which the Client made Operations, or account statements, which contain information about the quantity of completed Transactions in the context of each of the last 4 quarters excluding leverage. These documents must be certified by the signature of the specified person (if possible) and the seal (if any) of the organization where the transactions were performed. If the Client performed Operations in our Forex company, then there is no need in submission of documents mentioned in this paragraph.

To Open a Qualified Trading Account

CFDs’ Leverage: Easier Leverage restrictions apply for qualified traders. The qualified client is assigned with leverage of 1:200.  Please, keep in mind: with greater leverage comes greater risk.

Disclosures: As a broker, we will talk in a more advanced language with our qualified clients. However, we will always keep things honest, clear, and fair.

Knowledge & Experience: We take your level of knowledge and experience into account when deciding which product is appropriate for you.


The protections, such as: Best Execution, Trade Confirmations, and availability of Key Information Documents, which we view as essential to provide you with the optimal trading experience, will remain unchanged. For further details, contact [email protected].